Quick Start

dreamstime_xs_55001394-success-arrow-largeDon’t have time for long explanations? Here are the facts you need for a Quick Start on the GED® route to getting a recognised Grade 12 equivalent*.

Your success is our goal!


  • The GED® is considered to be a grade 12 equivalent*.
  • It is recognised in South Africa by SAQA*.
  • The minimum age to write the GED® in South Africa is age 17.
  • A South African ID or passport is required at test centres.
  • Choose your own test dates for each of four subjects! No Afrikaans test. All tests in English. The subject list is below.
  • No deadlines for writing all tests by a given date. Less stress.
  • Choose a test centre near you – the nearest branch of Boston City Campus & Business College
  • All the study materials are provided online. The course is self-paced.
  • Enrolment is for 12 months at a time starting anytime of year. It can be renewed for another year for students who need more time to study and prepare for the tests.
  • You need a laptop, tablet or desktop computer with internet access to use the online GED® course.

The GED® tests four subjects:

  1. Mathematical Reasoning
  2. Reasoning Through Language Arts
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science

Candidates must pass all 4 subjects to earn their GED® credential.

Once we receive your payment, we will  activate your account on the online system and email you your login and password to access Essential Education’s GED Academy™ online classes. The access license is purchased for one calendar year non-stop from the date of activation and once activated it is not refundable or transferable to another student.


  1. Enrol with OnlineGED.co.za and start your online classes. Pay, email us, START!
  2. Study until the online GED® study programme shows you have reached beyond “Passing Level” in each of the four subjects.
  3. Book your tests online
  4. Write each test on computer at a test centre near you.
  5. Apply online for a hard copy of your results

Enrol now and take the first step towards your future success!

* SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority) has evaluated the GED® and found the National Senior Certificate as its closest comparable qualification. SAQA evaluates each submission of a foreign qualification on a case by case basis and therefore students with a GED® are eligible for SAQA Foreign Qualification evaluation.

There is no guarantee that a GED® graduate will be issued with a letter of foreign conditional exemption from USAf, nor that a South African university will accept his/her application.

Many overseas universities accept the GED® for admission purposes and offer highly regarded degree programmes. South African GED® graduates who wish to enrol for degree study do have the option to consider overseas online university degrees.