Yes – you can apply to a South African university if you have written the GED® and met the requirements of USAf for foreign conditional exemption or any other category of university exemption below.

pexels-photo-88767-african-graduate-university-yesUniversities South Africa (USAf) governs the entrance criteria for South African universities.

Once a student has completed the GED® and meets the requirements as per the Gazette , he/she may apply to USAf for consideration.
USAf has also confirmed that should a student’s application be successful, the student will potentially receive one of the below documents:

  • Foreign Conditional Exemption
  • Senatorial Discretion
  • Mature Age Exemption

GED® graduates may apply to USAf for a letter of foreign conditional exemption with their GED® credential, accompanied by a letter of admission to a degree course from an appropriately accredited US university.**

(You can check this for yourself here: **

It is the responsibility of the GED® graduate to apply for the letter of admission from an appropriately accredited US university and a letter of foreign conditional exemption from USAf. To apply to USAf, use the following link

There is no guarantee that a GED® graduate will be issued with a letter of foreign conditional exemption from USAf, nor that a university will accept his/her application.

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST check with the universities and specific faculty of your choice that they will accept these foreign qualifications. Many degrees and courses have additional requirements which you will also have to fulfill, no matter what Grade 12 credential you have.

We have emailed the admissions faculties of all 23 universities and most of them have confirmed that they will accept candidates who apply with a GED® credential that meets the requirements of USAf as set out above.

We also have a growing number of clients who have been accepted at universities with their GED® credential plus a letter from an appropriately accredited US university or plus the appropriate SAT scores. Read our GED® Success Stories page.

The following universities and institutions and more will consider and most have already accepted candidates with a GED® and foreign conditional exemption.T

This list is copyrighted. Do not copy.

  • College Students at GraduationWits University
  • Rhodes University
  • North-West University
  • Stellenbosch University
  • University of the Free State
  • University of Venda for Science and Technology
  • Mangosuthu University of Technology
  • University of Pretoria
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology
  • University of Cape Town (Possibly not all faculties  will accept GED® credentials plus foreign exemption, so check with the faculty to which you wish to apply. Each faculty may set their own admission criteria.)

Plus these tertiary institutions have accepted students with a GED® credential and foreign conditional exemption. In some instances a portfolio or other requirements also had to be met:

  • The AAA School of Advertising
  • AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance
  • The Animation School
  • Aros
  • Boland College
  • Boston City Campus
  • Cape Town College of Fashion Design
  • City Varsity School of Media and Creative Arts
  • Cornerstone Institute
  • CTU College
  • MATA – Mega Aero Training Academy
  • Denel Aviation
  • Embury College
  • EMENDY Multimedia Technology Institute
  • ETA College
  • False Bay College
  • Isa Carstens Academy
  • Lyceum College
  • Prestige Academy
  • Red & Yellow (BA Visual Communications)
  • Rosebank College
  • SAE Institute -Creative Media Education
  • Sol-Tech
  • The South African College of Applied Psychology
  • Varsity College


Apply Online to a US Universityflag_of_the_united_states-svg

You can apply online for a letter of acceptance to a US University. Contact us for advice about where to try.

There is usually a $50 application fee, payable by credit card.

Once you have completed your GED® tests, we will provide you the information you need to apply for your letter of foreign conditional exemption from USAf.
You can apply online. (Click on the sample image on the right to see it enlarged.)

USAf charges R500 for this application (in 2018).