Start a GED® Tutor Centre

start a GED tutor centreSince many parents are looking for alternatives to the mainstream school system and are interested in the GED®, a grade 12 alternative, there is a growing need for small tutor centres around the country. Here learners can receive support and assistance while they prepare for the GED® tests.

Many teenagers need an emotionally safe place, where they can continue their education while they heal, should they have experienced any “damage” in the school system – from any bullying, labelling or peer pressure etc.

Others just need a small class, where they can study at their own pace and pursue a customised education, tailor-made for their needs and goals.

Parents need the reassurance that their children will be overseen and kept accountable while they work through the online GED® study programme, in preparation for writing their GED® tests.

Parents who have homeschooled their own children through the high school years as well as passionate teachers, who are looking for a new work situation, where they can work in greater freedom than in the school system and make a real difference in the lives of their students are good candidates to start a GED® tutor centre.

At Online GED we offer the service of providing access to the GED Academy® course and supporting the tutors as they guide their students through the process of studying and writing the GED® tests and preparing them to be successful young adults.

We can send you tips and guidelines for obtaining the information you need to start a GED® tutor centre in your area.

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