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The GED® credential is a online matric alternative which can give hope to our nation. Candidates can study online in their own time and possibly get a matric equivalent in just a few months.

A GED® credential, which is a foreign matric equivalent, is an amazing solution for adults who didn’t complete high school or for anyone needing to get a matric equivalent outside of the mainstream school system. It is offered by the GED® Testing Service internationally and in South Africa.

If you failed matric, if you dropped out of school, if you are working or wanting to leave high school, the GED® could be just what you need to get a matric equivalent fast!

Facts about the GED® Credential – An Online Matric Alternative

Recognised – It is recognised in SA by both SAQA and Universities South Africa as being comparable to the National Senior Certificate.

Affordable -It is growing in popularity among home educating families and many others at a phenomenal rate as it is much more affordable than most other matric options.

Fast – The GED® credential can usually be achieved in much less time than a traditional matric– even a few months.

No grades 10 & 11 required – Candidates do not first have to pass grade 10 and grade 11 as with a traditional matric. The only requirement to write the GED® is that candidates must be age 16 or older and they must have a South African ID when they write their tests.

Start any time of year – You can start studying for the GED® at any time of the year. No cut off dates for enrolling. You can get your matric equivalent in just a few months, maybe 3-6 months, its all up to you!

Choose own test dates – You get to choose your own test dates. No cramming the night before an exam. You book your GED® tests online when you are ready and write them at a local test centre on computer. This is really convenient for adults who work or have other responsibilities – like families! There are 38 test centres around SA.

Only 4 subjects – There are only 4 subjects that are tested on the GED® and you must pass all 4 to earn your GED® credential.

The four subjects are:

  1. Mathematical Reasoning
  2. Reasoning Through Language Arts
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science

Study online in your own home, in your own time – The online classes powered by Essential Education’s GED Academy™ gives students an initial assessment to determine at what level their skills are in each subject and then it presents a customised learning plan for each person to help them brush up, fill in any gaps and get up to standard in each of the four subjects. It shows them on a graph when they are ready to book and write their tests.

This takes a lot of stress out of the test preparation!

South Africans Get New Hope

IOnline Matric Alternative Gives Hope to Our Nationt has been so encouraging to hear testimonies from adults in particular, who dropped out of school for various reasons and battled with low self-esteem because of their lack of education. They say that after completing their GED® they feel so much more self-confident and they now have hope for their future because they now have the option to study further or apply for better job opportunities.

With so many adults in our country lacking their grade 12, the GED® is a wonderful solution.

Cost of the GED® Credential

The costs are as follows:

  • R2 300  – enrolment for one year at
  • $60 per test x 4 -GED®test fees, paid online in dollars – can be paid one at a time when you book each test
  • $15 for a hard copy of your GED® transcript, paid online in dollars

R5795 = TOTAL ESTIMATED COST OF GED® Credential as estimated on 14 December 2016

That’s under R6 000!

Other matric options can cost R15 000 – R20 000 per year and you have to do grades 10, 11 and then 12. That means you pay R45 000 – R60 000 to get a traditional matric via distance education.

As you can see, the biggest once off payment is only R2 300 to enrol on the online GED classes that we offer. That price is for ALL FOUR SUBJECTS for one year. On other systems, you pay more than that PER SUBJECT and you usually have to take 6 or 7 subjects.

The test payments do not all have to made at once, so this makes it much more affordable to all income groups.

All you need to access the lessons is a laptop, desktop or tablet and a reliable internet connection.

There is hope for everyone who needs to complete their high school education.

The GED® credential can give your new hope for success, for further study, for better jobs, for a better life.

Take the first step today towards getting your matric equivalent and enrol with



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Online GED South Africa
Online GED South Africa
Enrol for online GED study programme to help you prepare for the GED® tests - your matric equivalent
The GED® credential is an affordable, online matric alternative which can give hope to our nation. Candidates can study online in their own time and possibly get a matric equivalent in just a few months.