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Getting your GED® credential is not the END  – its the beginning.

You need more online courses to success in the economy of the 21st Century.

Your GED® is an important educational milestone. Its a symbol of having achieved a grade 12 high school equivalent*.

Its regarded by many as a requirement for further study and for good job opportunities, but it is not the end.

To survive and thrive in the 21st century, it is vital to make learning a lifelong goal. Technology and the working environment is changing so fast that you have to make a commitment to keep learning and keep advancing your education. Keep equipping yourself.

On this page are links to a number of resources which will help you to keep learning new skills to equip you for economic success.

Money Essentials

Many adults today find that their schooling failed to teach them good money management skills. They wish that they had been better equipped and not had to learn in the school of hard knocks.
This course is designed to help anyone from age 13** and up to learn to take control of their money, to budget and handle loans, credit and financial planning with success.

(**Although young teens will not yet be doing things like taking loans on car purchases or working with a credit card, they will easily understand and master these topics in the course.)

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Work Essentials

more online coursesFor many young adults, going out into the working world to find their first full-time job can be a daunting prospect. This course will equip you with a range of skills to help you manage this process with confidence and acuity.

It focuses on job searching, applications and networking, making a good impression in an interview, good communication skills, solving problems and conflict in the work place, collaborating with colleagues, relating to your superiors, professionalism and much more to help you succeed as a working professional.

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More online courses from

Academy of Small Business 

by South African, Peter Carruthers

Getting a job is no longer a guarantee of success as jobs seldom last a lifetime. There is nothing wrong with being employed and using the opportunities a job offers to gain useful skills and experience, but for many, the only way to find job security is going to be creating their own job, being an entrepreneur.

The following online courses were created for South Africans who wish to be part of the global economy and find ways to earn an income online, whether they also run offline businesses or not.

[At Online GED we have done a number of these online courses and found them most beneficial for our various internet ventures. ]

How to Start Your Own Business

30 Years of Experience Distilled into 6 hours

This is a mini-course of 6 hours designed to help you get a new business started FAST and  yet avoid the most common mistakes that can be disastrous further down the line


  • How to start with virtually no money and zero risk
  • Serious mistakes to avoid if you do need finance
  • A winning way to do marketing so you find people who need what you offer
  • Tips on actually how to SELL your product or service or advice and experience

Finding a job, is like finding one client to buy what you offer. It can be risky if you lose that ‘client’ and lose your job. Starting your own business can be far more rewarding, especially if you get it right. Invest further in a great value course at only R197 (2018 price).

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lifetime business onlineHow to Build a Lifetime Business Online

There is a whole world of opportunity online just waiting for young (and old) entrepreneurs. For many of us, the vastness of the internet and technology is overwhelming. We don’t know where to start.

This course will show you step-by-step how to find an idea, how to research it and how to find the tools you need to implement it so that you can build a lifetime business online.

Imagine putting Lego blocks together to build something your imagination created. That’s how basic this course will make building an online business.

By the end of this course you will have learned how to make money online in the following ways:

  • Affiliate sales systems,
  • Selling anything online via ecommerce websites,
  • Setting up training or support services online,
  • Selling consulting services online…and more.

You will  learn how to set up payment processes online so that you can receive money…literally while you sleep. And the course has a money-back guarantee.

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Business Writing Fast Track Secrets

Writing academic essays to pass matric is one thing, but writing to persuade potential clients to buy what you sell requires a different style and a different set of skills.

This short course will equip you with tips and tools for writing for business and writing to sell.
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How to Use Email to Sell More To More People

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs keep connected with their clients. It is much easier to sell again to a happy client than to find new prospects and persuade them to part with their money.

Don’t spend huge amounts of money on advertising in all sorts of expensive forms of media. This course will teach you how to use direct marketing via email to its full effect.

The author is so confident that this course will revolutionise your business venture that he offers a money back guarantee.

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More Courses from the Academy of Small Business  – click here for the full range of over 10 more online courses


*SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority) has evaluated the GED® and found the  National Senior Certificate as its closest comparable qualification. SAQA evaluates each submission of a foreign qualification on a case by case basis and therefore students with a GED® are eligible for SAQA Foreign Qualification evaluation.