Johan’s GED® Success Story

Johan's GED® Success Story - how he got a matric equivalent fastThis is Johan’s GED® success story, after he failed matric.

Johan wrote matric via a distance education service provider at the end of 2013. He failed two of his subjects – Business Studies and Tourism and so he failed to pass his matric final exams.

He rewrote one of the subjects in 2014 and failed again. He tried attending classes at a small private school for the two subjects he needed to pass, but after a few weeks, he decided that he didn’t fit into that school environment.

Then early in 2015, he discovered the GED® as an alternative option to get a matric equivalent and he decided to give it a try.

In April he wrote his first test and passed it. This taste of success motivated him to continue and by June he had completed all the tests and achieved his GED® credential.

He subsequently started a business installing fences around people’s gardens. He has bought his first car – a second-hand bakkie [pick-up truck] and he paid for it cash. His business is doing very well and he is a successful, self-employed young entrepreneur.

“Now that I have my GED®, I don’t feel like I am a failure because I failed two matric subjects,” he says.

“I never did well at school as I am not an academic type of person. I work well with people and with my hands, but now I can hold my head up high because I have a school-leaving credential if I ever need it. My parents and grandparents are satisfied that I finished my schooling and they are now off my back.

I am so glad I had a second chance to prove that I am not a failure.”

Update 2019: Johan has moved to the USA and has been accepted at a college to study building construction from 2019 onwards.

If Johan could do it, you can do it too. What are you waiting for?

Get your matric equivalent fast. Enrol today and take the first step to YOUR success. One day we’d love to tell your story on our website too.