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I Failed Matric. What now?

I failed matric? What should I do? I failed grade 10 or 11. Now what?

If you have studied hard at school, yet still failed, we have good news for you.

You are not a failure.

The system has failed to help you pass matric or whatever grade it is that you have failed.

The system has failed. Not you.

The system has failed to help you learn in a way that works for you. Each person is an individual, who needs to learn different skills and different concepts at their own pace. Mass education doesn’t work for a large number of learners.

success-board-1097118_640Dropping out of high school, when it is not working for you is not a shameful thing. It’s a good choice to make. It’s the first step in a new direction. It shows that you have recognised that school is not ideal for you and you are looking for change. You are brave, you are motivated, you are choosing something else!

You need an alternative to a matric and we offer a solution for you.

Possibly, you could write your GED® test in a few months and earn a recognised, foreign matric equivalent, which will open up avenues of opportunity for you in the future.

You do not have to first write grade 10 and then grade 11. If you are over 16,  you have a laptop, tablet or desktop pc with internet, then you can start now.

Prove to yourself that you are a success!

letter-from-angelaWith a GED® credential, instead of a school matric, you can apply to study further, apply for better jobs and you can follow your dreams…whatever they are.

Like our client Angela, you can have new hope!

You can do this.


Also read Johan’s GED® Success Story after he failed matric.

Your success is our goal!

You can start anytime that suits you. You can START NOW!

Its quick and easy. Here is the procedure:

  1. Enrol with Online GED for the online classes to help you prepare for the GED® tests. One year’s access should be enough, but you can extend it if necessary.
  2. Study the online lessons, until the programme shows you that you are ready to pass the tests.
  3. Then you book the tests online. We will send you guidelines to assist with this.
  4. Write your tests with confidence.

And voila! You get your GED® credential – you get your matric equivalent.

Enrol now – send us your name, email and contact number with proof of payment. That’s all we need to get you started on the road to success!

Pay R2 300 via EFT to the following bank account:
First National Bank, Hermanus
FNB Current Account
Acc no: 62335032059
Branch: 250655
Reference: Your name & surname & GED

As soon as we receive your proof of payment, we will activate your one year account on the online GED® system and email you your login and password to access Essential Education’s GED Academy™ online classes.





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Online GED South Africa
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Enrol for online GED study programme to help you prepare for the GED® tests - your matric equivalent
The GED® credential is an affordable, online matric alternative which can give you a second chance if you failed matric or didn't finish high school. Candidates can study online in their own time and possibly get a matric equivalent in just a few months. Ideal for adults who need matric.