Vaughan’s GED® Success Story

Do you remember the story of the ugly duckling that grew up to be a swan? Remember the emotions that the poor duck endured until the grand ending where he discovered he was in fact beautiful?

This story is shared with permission:

Vaughan van Heerden

When Vaughan van Heerden was in grade 1, his school rejected him. His mother, Debbie was told to remove him from the Montessori-type school he attended as they could not cater for his special learning needs. The so-called professionals did not see the potential hidden in this precious child.
His mom had no choice but to start homeschooling him. Soon she was running a learning centre for other children and learning about therapies to help children learn – that’s another story.

Vaughan blossomed in the emotionally safe environment that his mother had created for him and later for her other students.
In his high school years, Vaughan did courses in educational kinesiology and child psychology  ….and led classes for the younger children in the learning centre.

In 2017 Vaughan enrolled on the online course to prepare for the GED® and he completed his GED® tests by the end of the year.
Influenced greatly by his own experiences growing up, Vaughan wants to pursue a career where he can help others and so he has chosen to study Psychology.

It was a victorious moment, when this once “rejected duckling” was accepted to study a degree in Psychology at the South African College of Applied Psychology, which is a private tertiary institution.

He has proved the “blind” naysayers wrong and ike the proverbial swan, he will continue to be admired for being the amazing, kind, caring and supportive young man that he has become.

Well done Vaughan and Debbie. We salute you! Your story is inspirational!

Debbie now runs a learning centre in Pretoria and has supported many other learners who have achieved their GED® too.

From Vaughan: As one of the great Existential key figures; Viktor Frankl, whom I have learnt about in my journey to becoming a psychologist once said: “We are not victims to our circumstances like trees blowing in the wind but rather we have choices in life which gives life meaning and is essentially the essence of life.”

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