Bring it On for Danica

Danica was a top gymnast that trained at the same gym as my daughter in Somerset West.

In 2016, she was selected for a cheerleading part in the latest “Bring It On” movie,  being shot in Cape Town.

She had to choose between finishing grade 11 at high school or having this once in a lifetime experience and the opportunity to earn some really good money.

Danica and her younger sister had previously been homeschooled, so her parents were open to allowing her to leave high school.
When the movie shoot ended, Danica enrolled with Online GED and finished her GED® tests in June 2017, just in time to apply to Stellenbosch University.

In September, she received the exciting news that she had been accepted to study a degree in Engineering at Stellenbosch University, and she started in 2018.

Bring it on for Danica!