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These are GED® success stories and testimonies from homeschooling parents whose children have been accepted to study at universities and other tertiary institutions in South Africa with their GED® credential. Some students shared their stories online themselves.

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A quick one about MATHS on the online GED® programme from a happy parent:

“Hi Shirley

My son was in [Name Removed] High School till grade 10 and always battled to understand maths. In grade 10 first term they had a maths teacher for the first month and then he resigned. They had then another teacher for 2 months and then the teacher passed away caused by cancer. Then they were over 55 learners in maths class.This was in Afrikaans.

Since he did Ged he said it is the first time he understood maths and even in English. His marks are far more than what he achieved in school. The way GED teach you to do the maths and to understand is much better than he learned in school. He even had extra classes in school. In school exams they try to catch you out. In GED they teach you how to understand maths and what to do to be able to get to the right answer. Hope this is helpful.”
~ Deon

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Jason H enrolled in March 2017, completed his GED in 10 weeks by 15 May 2017 . He has been accepted to study a three year diploma in General Management at Lyceum College next.

Teresa D “My daughter was accepted to study in 2015 both degree and diploma with her GED and letter of acceptance to a US university: NDip in Somatology at Isa Carstens

BA Humanities at both Rhodes and Stellenbosch.”

Her other two children did the GED® + SAT and achieved the following tertiary qualifications:

GED Success Stories - matric equivalent“[My] daughter (26) in interior architectural design through CPUT and is married living in Ireland and works for an architectural company. Son (24) studied BA marketing and Brand Management through AAA and is the marketing manager for a surf wear brand in Muizenberg. He took a 2 year gap year before studying to work and travel then went to study.”

Carmen dW “My application to study B.Mus at UNISA was accepted yesterday.”

Tracey-J D “We applied to Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town and my daughter was accepted.”  She wrote the SATs and NBTs too.

Marié Price “My daughter is studying teaching (Foundation Phase) at Varsity College. We had to request a “Certificate of Evaluation” from SAQA and then applied for exemption from Universities South Africa.

More GED® Success Stories

Online GED Success StoriesGemma H reported that UNISA accepted her son to study a B.Sc at UNISA with his GED® credential + letter of reference from a US university.

The {A] family went the GED®+SAT route, and enrolled at the Open Window School of Visual Communication in Gauteng.

A European university accepted Anke B with the GED® credential alone. She planned to complete a BA degree followed by an MBA.

Wendy Y reported that Red and Yellow will only accept students with a GED® credential if they also write the SATs and submit a substantial portfolio of artwork.

Mrs E: “She got accepted on her GED® for the BSc course and got a place in a res,” at Stellenbosch University, November 2016 “But now they ask for the letter [of acceptance from a US university].”

lucyLucille E passed the GED® with flying colours in 3 months and has taken a gap year and is working as an au pair in Switzerland for 2017 before returning to study for a B.Sc degree. Read Lucille’s GED® Success Story

Johan S
failed matric, but the GED® gave him a second chance to get his matric equivalent fast and now he runs his own business. Read Johan’s GED® Success Story


Aneke (in the note above) passed and wants to take a course in Foundation Phase Education  and become a tutor.
A second note from her follows:

“Hello aunty Shirley

I would just like to share my awesome exciting news with you. I got accepted to Unisa today and I already did my registration.

Thank you so much for everything. I still cant believe I got my GED and I got into Unisa and it all got accomplished in 4 months .

Just wanted to say thanks again .

Blessings Aneke”

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