GED® Success Stories

These are GED® success stories and testimonies from homeschooling parents whose children have been accepted to study at universities and other tertiary institutions in South Africa with their GED® credential. Some students shared their stories online themselves.

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Update July 2018

USAf are now clamping down on the regulations relating to the issuing of Foreign Conditional Exemption. They have issued notice that they will no longer consider applications for Foreign Conditional Exemption from South African GED® graduates.

Many overseas universities accept the GED® for admission purposes and offer highly regarded degree programmes. South African GED® graduates who wish to enrol for degree study do have the option to consider overseas online universities. We list options at our sister site at Online University Degrees

Below are our most recent GED® Success Stories

April 2019

April 2019 Mary-Ann G. is a second year student studying a BA in Industrial Design at UJ. She is the only student in her year to pass with Cum Laude.

Clarissa Strickland My son, Caleb, completed his GED end of November [2018] and is enrolled at University of the People to do his BSc Computer Science. My daughter wrote her GED in 2017 and is currently doing her BSc through University of the People. This is her second term on Dean’s list which means her GPA is 3.5 and higher. Her marks this last term averaged 90%.

M. S. [name withheld] Mine has been accepted to do BS Pschychology at a college in the US. He also got a tennis scholarship. I don’t know where to start to thank GED . He got 980 for SAT.

Delmondt G Cookson: My daughter is at Elsenburg College – Higher Certificate in Animal Production with option of changing to B.Agric in 2nd year.

Anel du Preez:  My son complete his last subject on 23 January and started at on NQF5 Conservation Ecology.

Chirani Meyer My sons finished their GEDs last year and are studying Animation through USA online Animation schools: Animation Mentor and Anim school of Animation.

Renel Wagener My son finished GED last year (2018). Studying Bachelors Computer Science, through University of the people. Starting on 11 April 2019.

Sandra T.  My daughter Alexandra did GED/SAT combo. She is studying Nursing in Australia with the goal to become a Midwife. She could have entered the Honours Program for Nursing/Midwifery from the start at ECU with the GED/SAT combo. But due to financial constraints we opted for the University Pathways program. She is doing her Enrolled Nursing at College first with pathway to University. As it is cheaper and she can start earning quicker. It only adds an extra semester to the entire process.

Chantell Bothma Pretorius GED 2018 Hebron Theological College

Terri Ashley-Cooper Hannah AshleyCooper, studying Herbalism in the UK.

Jorika Coetzee My daughter finished in just 5 months… at SACOB doing Accounting

Aneen G: My daughter is in her third year of a degree in Pastoral Counselling.

Jill W:  Her son was accepted for a B.Sc in Engineering at Stellenbosch in 2019. She said: “He got in (a real fight – after doing his NBT and SATS )and seems to be coping (except he’s battling with Chemistry)”

Advice from Online GED: Students who wish to pursue a degree in the Sciences would be wise to take additional Maths and Science courses in preparation for university, as the GED® Maths and Science is not as comprehensive as many other courses.

March 2019

“Annette has passed her GED and she is enrolled at Open Windows for her 3 year degree in Visual Communication Design. Thanks for all your help over last year.”

Tina-Lynn Jones Nevada and Andrea both work for me as teaching assistants, Andrea wrote her GED + SAT in 2016. Nevada wrote hers in 2017. Andrea is also studying B.Com marketing at Boston College, Khyle wrote his GED  in 2018 and has a part time job at our local vet while he is on his gap year. Andrea’s boyfriend Jono wrote his GED in 2014, and he is an IT technician. None of these youngsters had any troubles finding employment.

Debby van Heerden Vaughan is studying [a degree in Psychology at SACAP] and has been working as a movement teacher for me …Aidan got a job at a well know accounting firm and has been offered s bursary by the same firm for studying further …Donatella has a office job and applied at NOSA …Lethabo is studying further at Emmendy for gaming for his parents at their church ..all my students have work and or studying or both

November 2018

Jacky de Klerk Just a short note to all those concerned about the GED credential. My son was accepted to study “Pastorale Sielkunde” [Pastoral Psychology] Got accepted with just a copy of his results! He will study 4 years up to his Masters and then will be accepted (RPL route) to do his Dr’s degree at Potch University!

August 2018

Ilse van Staden My second happy dance for this month! My other son has also received his Letter of Acceptance for BA studies at SAE! I am every so thankful!!!

Before July 2018

Courtney Heuvel was accepted to study a degree in Chemical Engineering at Stellenbosch University in 2018.

Mpho Morialane was accepted at the University of Free State for B.Com. (Investment Management and Banking). She also got a Merit Bursary, which is designated for registration, academic supplies and some initial costs. This is received by students who get a high M-Score (entry score) and I was told it was for her High marks in Math (A+) and Science (B). Your help and support with the GED is greatly appreciated. ” ~ Linda M. (January 2018)

Danica Fitzmaurice was accepted to study Civil Engineering at Stellenbosch University in 2018. Bring it On for Danica, who had good reason to leave high school in grade 11!

Luci Erwee was homeschooled from grade 1. She completed her GED® with flying colours at age 16 in May 2015. She then took a gap season. She coached gymnastics in 2015 and 2016 and then worked as an au pair in Switzerland and travelled in Europe in 2017. She was accepted for a BA in Sports Science at Stellenbosch University. Read Lucille’s GED® Success Story

Jonathan Erwee was homeschooled from grade 1. He completed his GED® in January 2018. He scored 177 and higher for all his subjects, with a top score of 197/200 for Maths. He plans to pursue a career in IT programming.

Vaughan van Heerden was accepted to study a degree in Psychology at  SACAP (The South African College of Applied Psychology). Read Vaughan’s GED® Success Story – its truly inspirational!

Jenna Kirkby was accepted to study a degree in Business Psychology at UNISA in2018.

Makabongwe Mnisi who passed his GED® in November 2017 and was already provisionally accepted to AFDA Film School.

Jason Holm enrolled in March 2017, completed his GED in 10 weeks by 15 May 2017 . He has been accepted to study a three year diploma in General Management at Lyceum College next.

Nevada Jones wrote and passed all 4 GED® tests on one day on 12 June 2017.

Aneke du Preez completed her GED® in 4 months and was accepted to study Foundation Phase Education through UNISA. January 2017

From a parent via whatsapp: “Twins have already been accepted by Aros (B.Ed) and SAE (BA – film industry) subject to university exemption…. ”

Yvette van Zyl, who runs a learning centre shared: “AFDA also accepted one of my students for next year!” (AFDA, The South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) July 2017

Johan S failed matric, but the GED® gave him a second chance to get his grade 12 equivalent. He started his own business and then opted to study to be an electrician. Read Johan’s GED® Success Story

Teresa D “My daughter was accepted to study in 2015 both degree and diploma with her GED and letter of acceptance to a US university: NDip in Somatology at Isa Carstens

BA Humanities at both Rhodes and Stellenbosch.”

Her other two children did the GED® + SAT and achieved the following tertiary qualifications:

GED Success Stories - matric equivalent“[My] daughter (26) in interior architectural design through CPUT and is married living in Ireland and works for an architectural company. Son (24) studied BA marketing and Brand Management through AAA and is the marketing manager for a surf wear brand in Muizenberg. He took a 2 year gap year before studying to work and travel then went to study.”

Carmen dW “My application to study B.Mus at UNISA was accepted yesterday.”

Tracey-J D “We applied to Cornerstone Institute in Cape Town and my daughter was accepted.”  She wrote the SATs and NBTs too.

Marié Price “My daughter is studying teaching (Foundation Phase) at Varsity College. We had to request a “Certificate of Evaluation” from SAQA and then applied for exemption from Universities South Africa.

More GED® Success Stories

Online GED Success StoriesGemma H reported that UNISA accepted her son to study a B.Sc at UNISA with his GED® credential plus foreign conditional exemption.

The {A] family went the GED®+SAT route, and enrolled at the Open Window School of Visual Communication in Gauteng.

A European university accepted Anke B with the GED® credential alone. She planned to complete a BA degree followed by an MBA.

Wendy Y reported that Red and Yellow will only accept students with a GED® credential if they also write the SATs and submit a substantial portfolio of artwork.

Mrs E: “She got accepted on her GED® for the BSc course and got a place in a res,” at Stellenbosch University, November 2016 ”


Aneke (in the note above) passed and was accepted to study Foundation Phase Education at UNISA
A second note from her follows:

“Hello aunty Shirley

I would just like to share my awesome exciting news with you. I got accepted to Unisa today and I already did my registration.

Thank you so much for everything. I still cant believe I got my GED and I got into Unisa and it all got accomplished in 4 months .

Just wanted to say thanks again .

Blessings Aneke”

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