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Can I get a matric online? Need matric fast?

Online GED South Africa offers a course to get a Grade 12 equivalent, recognised in South Africa by SAQA and Universities South Africa.

If you are looking for an adult matric option or if you are homeschooling or if you didn’t pass matric at school or you want to get out of school, then the GED® could be the solution that you need.
Most candidates do it in just a few months, and the cost is pretty affordable. You can do it online in your own time.

Sign up FREE at to watch The GED Webinar which will explain everything you need to know in about 25 minutes. You can download the webinar to view at your convenience.

Your success is our goal.

silhouette-978956_640What does Online GED South Africa offer?

Online GED South Africa offers an online study programme powered by Essential Education’s GED Academy™ to prepare you for the GED® tests.

You need to have a computer or tablet with internet access to study online.

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From 1 May 2017 in South Africa the new 2014 GED® tests will be implemented.

Get your GED® credential as an alternative to a South African matric online.

Its fast, affordable and opens doors of opportunity for you to study at colleges and universities, or you could find a better job because you have a grade 12 equivalent instead of a South African matric.

All you need to write the GED® tests is a South African ID or passport. You must be age 16 or older.  The online course will help you to prepare for and pass the GED® tests.

Click here for a list of all 37 of the GED® test centres in South Africa.

The new GED® tests scoring system also offers three levels of performance.

  1. (145-164) GED® Passing Score
  2. (165-174) GED® College Ready
  3. (175-200) GED® College Ready + Credit

Online GED® South Africa - GED test scoresIn South Africa, candidates who wish to apply for university exemption must score over 165 points on the GED® tests. Then they may either

  1. write the SATs or
  2. apply to a US university for a letter of acceptance

You need either one of the above two options in order to fulfill the conditions set by Universities SA for a foreign conditional matric certificate with university exemption.

The GED Webinar will explain how to achieve all this is more detail. Download or view it now FREE.

Enrol Now – Choose Online GED South Africa to get your matric equivalent online.



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Online GED South Africa
Online GED South Africa
Enrol for online GED study programme to help you prepare for the GED® tests - your matric equivalent
The GED® credential is a recognised foreign matric equivalent. Online GED South Africa offers an online course to help candidates prepare for the GED® tests fast so they can get better jobs or study further.