What’s on the GED® Social Studies Test?

GED® Social Studies TestTo do well on the GED® Social Studies test you need to be able to read with comprehension, analyse historical events and arguments, apply social studies concepts, such as being able to read information and data from charts and graphs and use reasoning and critical thinking skills to interpret the information provided in a variety of ways.

You do not need to memorise any facts and information such as historical names and dates of events. You will not need to study hard and cram information the night before your test, like students do when preparing for traditional school examinations.

However, you might need to have some background knowledge of the topics to figure out answers and draw conclusions about questions asked.

The Online GED® course will help you to become familiar with the types of topics that the GED® Social Studies tests cover. Once you have completed all the Social Studies lessons and practice tests, it will tell you if you are ready to book your tests or it will list the topics and skills you first need to review and improve. It sets you up for success!

The GED® Social Studies test is divided into four major categories:

  1. GED Social Studies TestCivics and government (50%)
  2. US history (20%)
  3. Economics (15%)
  4. Geography of the world (15%)

The test is 70 minutes with no breaks.

The content areas focus on the following:

Civics and Government topics include various types of government structures, both modern and historic, constitutional government, levels and branches of the U.S. government, the electoral system, public policy, the role of the citizen etc.
U.S. History topics include colonialism, the American Revolution through to the Civil War and Reconstruction, industrialization, immigration, World Wars 1 and 2, the Cold War, American foreign policy and the movements for equal rights.
Economics covers basic economics concepts and systems, the government and the economy, and labor and consumer economics issues.
Geography and the World  topics cover major stages in world history and the development of ancient civilizations, human migration, geographical borders between nations, the relationship among resources, the environment, and societies etc.

GED® Social Studies Test Skills

Using a variety of texts and resources on the above topics, you will be tested in the following SKILLS:

  • to identify key ideas, make inferences, recognise hypotheses and conclusions
  • to analyse information and ideas in context and recognise an author’s purpose and point of view,
  • to evaluate the reasoning and evidence used in a text,
  • to analyse and integrate information in various materials,
  • to be able to interpret data and statistics in charts and graphs and
  • to find the centre in a statistical data set, including the average, median and mode.

You will need to develop your vocabulary and understanding of terminology related to the topics listed above.

GED® Social Studies Test Question Formats

1. Drag-and-drop questions will present you with a small image, words, or numerical expression and you will have to select the correct answer and then drag and drop it in a specified location on the computer screen.
2. Drop-down questions will present you with various options and you will have to click on the correct response to complete a statement.
3. Fill-in-the-blank questions will require you to type a word, phrase, or number in a box that appears on the screen.
4. Hot-spot items consist of a graphic image or images. You will need to click on one or more “points” or graphics on the screen to select an area.
5. Multiple-choice questions have four options (A, B, C or D) and you must select the best answer.

One of the greatest advantages of the Online GED® study programme is that  you can progress at your own pace.  You have time to master each lesson and skill before moving on. Lessons can be reviewed at any time. You need only book your test when you have scored well and you feel confident and ready to book your GED® Social Studies Test.

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What’s on the GED® Test?

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