GED Academy™

Essential Education’s GED Academy™ is an online programme designed to help students develop the skills needed to pass the GED® tests.

Whether you are a homeschooler, a teenager at high school but wanting an alternative to a South African matric, or an adult who needs a high school diploma or matric equivalent, the GED Academy™ online classes will help you to study and prepare to reach your goals.

GED Academy™


Essential Education’s GED Academy™ – Classes Tailored to Meet Your Needs

To make preparing for the GED®, easy, convenient and as stress-free as possible, the GED Academy™ provides you with online lessons, practice tests and progress reports.

After an initial assessment a unique, customised online GED® programme is presented for you to follow to make sure that you master the skills you still need in order to pass the test in each subject.

laptop-elearningFor example, in maths, the programme will show you that you have mastered fractions, but you need to work on exponents and graphs before you will be ready to ace the GED® math test!

Less Stress, More Control

Let’s face it, writing tests and exams can be stressful. Not with Essential Education’s GED Academy™!

The practice tests will give you scores and they will be used to assess when you are ready to book your tests. By following a personalised programme to help you brush up on the skills you need and by seeing the measure of your progress, you will grow in confidence – an essential trait for success!

Depending on how many hours you study per day, you could have your GED® credential in a matter of weeks, or maybe months. You will know when you are ready to write and pass the tests as the GED Academy™ progress reports will show you!

With the GED®, there is no panic or cramming before an exam date. You book and write each test on any available date, when you are ready, when it suits you.

The more time you are able to devote to your GED Academy™ lessons and test preparation, the quicker you can write the tests. However, the course is self-paced – no pressure.

Enrol now – Choose Online GED South Africa and get the matric equivalent solution you need.



Click here to watch a Demo Video of the student experience of the online GED® classes powered by Essential Education’s GED Academy™.

Essential Education’s GED Academy™ – Same Product, Different Vendors

We are not the only enterprise offering these GED® online classes. There are a number of licensees who have the right to offer this online GED® preparation material. However, only accredited licensees may use the GED Academy™ logo and trademark.

Just like you can buy a year’s contract to use your mobile network from various retail stores and cellphone shops, similarly, you can buy a year’s access to Essential Education’s GED Academy™ from a number of independent vendors. Same product, different vendors.

Online GED South Africa is the solution to get your matric equivalent online fast!

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