The Online Learning Revolution

Online learning has revolutionised education in the 21st century.

 It provides opportunity for anyone and everyone to learn something of value.

One of the greatest problems with offline education is the  high cost. You have to pay a lot of money to attend an institution that offers courses, but online, you can study at a fraction of that cost.

Offline, you have to travel to attend classes at set times, but online, you can study from your own home or anywhere and you have the flexibility of studying in your own time too.

Online courses are self-paced and you can study in comfort – on your bed, on the couch, in your pyjamas, or in a swim-suit with a glass of your favourite drink beside you.

You can even eat while you study if you wish!

Online you can learn almost anything you wish – the choices are endless and they are all at your fingertips, literally!

Online courses listed on your CV are an asset. They will show that you are a self-motivated person who is eager to learn and to improve your education. It shows character traits such as commitment, diligence and perseverance.

Online courses can equip you with skills to become a self-employed free-lancer. You can even take courses about becoming an entrepreneur and running your own business if you wish.

As you know, at Online GED, we offer the online course that many students use to prepare for the GED® tests. I wrote about why this is a fantastic choice for 21st Century students here:

A Fresh Perspective on the GED®A Fresh Perspective on the GED

One of the great things about the Online GED® course, is that being self-paced, you also have the time to learn other useful skills while you are preparing for the GED®, or after you have completed the GED®…These skills could possibly become your career!

Two of my kids are already taking online learning courses at – one has enrolled in a number of different computer coding courses to learn different coding languages for a career in IT, the other is doing an online photography course. Today she just signed up for an online art and drawing course too. There are hundreds of other online learning options too – web design courses, graphic design, business, IT, personal development, office skills …you name it.

I get nothing for recommending Udemy to you – I just thought its such a good source of online learning courses that you’d love to know about it.

More Online Courses from Online GED® – more online courses to success in the economy of the 21st Century, how to start an online business, using emails to sell and more …

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