Get it Right!

The following is a cautionary tale to encourage you to get it right first time, so that you don’t have complications when trying to book your GED® tests.

If you do, please email for assistance. When sending a query, please ensure that you always include the student’s name, surname and his/her GED ID number.

Screenshotted guidelines are available to help you at this page of our website: Online GED® Test Booking


By Jacques van Schoor – used with permission

Students younger than 18 and over 16 will receive an age alert on which has to be cleared by submitting a letter of consent (…/…/ged_test_parent_consent_form.pdf) from a parent to They promise a 72 hour turnaround, but this can take up to five work days to resolve. Do the age alert clearance as soon as is possible after you start the course. Make sure the candidate enters the proper birth date when first registering on the site. Recently the site does not allow users younger than 16, although their terms and conditions still mention a 13 year minimum.

Update December 2018:

The GED® Testing Service is now able to process eligibility alerts via online chat, eliminating the need for students to call the international operations call centre. Students must be logged in to their GED® account at to access the online chat function.

Some of my students forgot their passwords, created a second profile, and then received alerts that first had to be cleared with an expensive overseas phone call. (Somehow is smart enough to know that a single person has two profiles). The GED Testing Service will then, during the phone call, open a case to fuse the two profiles and provide you with a case number. They will ask you which PROFILE you want to keep. Choose the email address for which you remembered your email credentials. If you have already taken a mock exam on the site an ACCOUNT will also have been created. They will ask you which ACCOUNT you want to have survive. Choose the one on which you have done more tests or the one for which you have entered a valid method of payment.

The candidate then has to submit a copy of an Identity document to, quoting the case number in the subject line of the email. It takes about 5 days to for them to execute the fusion and clear the alert.

As things stand there is nothing on the site to indicate that this is a profile-related alert, and not just your age alert waiting to be resolved. You may have submitted your letter of consent and be waiting for that to clear, but this second issue could be gumming up the works without you knowing.

When GED® candidates create their profile on they must be meticulous to record their full names EXACTLY as they appear on their ID document. Physical addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, etc must also be perfect. Any variation can only be resolved with an expensive overseas call, a case number, and submitting a copy of the student’s ID. Once again – count on 5 days.

For any technical issues on the website of the GED Testing Service, please email their support centre at When sending a query, please ensure that you always include the student’s name, surname and his/her GED ID number.

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