Prospective clients frequently ask, “How do I know that Online GED is not a scam?” “Is Online GED South Africa legitimate?”

With the growing number of online scammers on the internet it is a very legitimate and responsible question to ask.

Here is information to help you verify that we are not a scam!

Important: Any website offering to give you a GED® credential or diploma online IS A SCAM. You can not get your GED® online. You can only study to prepare for it online!

In order to earn your GED® credential, you have to write the official GED® tests at a verified test centre. You can not write the official GED® tests from home!

In South Africa, the GED® tests are written at 38 branches of Boston City Campus & Business College. The GED® diploma is awarded to successful candidates by the GED Testing Service® in the USA.

What we offer is the online GED® study programme, powered by the Essential Education GED Academy™  online course, to help students prepare for the GED® tests.

Online GED South Africa is run by Shirley Erwee as a sole proprietor. Here is how to check that this is a legitimate business and check her credentials:


1. Head Office

If you contact the GED Head Office in South Africa, they will confirm that Online GED South Africa is one of the licensed service providers, offering the Essential Education GED Academy course. You can contact them at to confirm this. You can phone and speak to one of their consultants too if you are worried about being the victim of a scam.

Only South African content providers listed on that site may use the “powered by Essential Education” logo as shown on our website.

2. Facebook Group

There is also an Online GED South Africa support group on Facebook with over 2000 members, consisting of both prospective and existing clients. You are welcome to join the group and ask other people how they find the course and the service that we offer.  There are members who will gladly give you references. Go to and request to join the closed group.

3.  Homeschool Author

Shirley Erwee on SABC 3 Afternoon Express on 26 April 2016

Furthermore, if you search online for the name, Shirley Erwee, you will find that she is the author of two books about homeschooling published by Penguin Random House South Africa, Homeschooling the Primary Years and Homeschooling High School.

She is also a curriculum provider and runs a website about homeschooling at She offers online courses about starting homeschooling,  getting through high school and various other aspects of homeschooling in South Africa at

4. Homeschool Legal Defence Association

You can also find links recommendations to contact Shirley at the website of the Pestalozzi Trust which is the homeschool legal defence association in South Africa. Go to
You can give them a call to confirm too.

5. Educational Events and Expos

We support and attend educational events around the country such as the Cape Town Home Education Expo, the Gauteng Home Education Expo, the Bertha Centre Career Pathways Youth Event in Philippi Village and other smaller events at learning centres.


Cape Town Homeschool Expo 2017  and    Gauteng Homeschool Expo 2017

Career Pathways Event at Philippi Village in Cape Town, June 2018

Online GED presentation to parents at a learning centre in Edgemead, Cape Town, June 2018

Shirley Erwee is very well-known in the SA homeschool community. She is not a fly-by-night scammer.

You do have to be careful of being ripped off, so use the internet and do your homework and this should give you peace of mind.

When you are ready to enrol and have made the payment, we will activate your account and then guide and assist you all the way through the process of getting your GED® credential, including booking tests, ordering hard copies of the certificate and transcript from the USA and more.

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