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approval-female-gesture-hand-41373Get Your Grade 12 High School Equivalent*.

Study with Online GED South Africa.

Do you need to get a grade 12 equivalent* online?

You can!

Firstly, what is the GED®?

The GED® Testing Service offers a Grade 12 high school equivalency* credential.

It’s a foreign grade 12 equivalent*.

*SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority) has evaluated the GED® and found the South African National Senior Certificate as its closest comparable qualification.

The GED® is an adult high school solution.

The GED® gives you the freedom to work or study other things you love.

It opens the doors to the next step in your education or working career:

You can study further or get a better job with a GED® credential.

Steps to Write the GED® Tests

We will assist and guide you through each of these steps.

  1. Enrol for the GED® online classes (R2 300 per year) to help you study and prepare
  2. Book GED® tests online – you choose the date (USD$75 per test)
  3. Write GED® tests – at a Boston VUE test centre in your area
  4. Order for your GED® hard copy diploma (free) and transcript (USD$15)

The GED® tests can be written at 38 test centres in South Africa. There are more than 3 000 test centres worldwide.


Yes, you can study further with the GED®!
It is Your Ticket to Higher Education


Students with a GED® credential are accepted at many universities, colleges and other tertiary institutions in South Africa:

GED® graduates wishing to apply to study at a local university may apply to Universities South Africa (USAf) for a letter of foreign conditional exemption with their GED® credential.

Once a student has completed the GED® and meets the requirements as per the Gazette  he/she may apply to USAf for consideration.

Usually students apply with their GED™ accompanied by a letter of admission from an appropriately accredited US university**.


Click here to see our growing list of institutions that accept students with a GED® credential, who meet their admission requirements: Universities and our South African GED® Success Stories

How to Prepare for the GED® Tests with Online GED South Africa

Enrol to get access to the world-class online GED® study material, powered by Essential Education’s GED Academy™ to help you to prepare.

  1. Initially, after you enrol, the GED® online classes give you an assessment test.
  2. Then the programme provides you with your own personalised online GED® learning experience. It presents you with a customised plan to prepare you for writing the GED® tests by means on this self-paced course.

Everything you need to succeed is provided online: video tutorials, practice tests, quizzes, progress reports etc. You can study at your own pace. However, your unique, customised learning plan will fill in any gaps and help you develop the skills you need to pass the tests.

The GED® tests four subjects:

  1. Mathematical Reasoning
  2. Reasoning Through Language Arts
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science

Even if you failed matric, this is your second chance to get a grade 12 equivalent* and show yourself that YOU CAN do this. Our online GED® classes are designed to set you up for success.


Finally, enrol now and get the grade 12 solution you need. Our online GED® classes will help you prepare to pass the GED® tests.


*SAQA (the South African Qualifications Authority) has evaluated the GED® and found the  National Senior Certificate as its closest comparable qualification. SAQA evaluates each submission of a foreign qualification on a case by case basis and therefore students with a GED® are eligible for SAQA Foreign Qualification evaluation.